Railway rules

If you have read our introduction to baccarat, you must already know a little railway, this rather old variant of the famous card game. Appeared in all likelihood in Australia, from the seventeenth century, it has long remained the guarded hunt of Australian aristocrats, then English. Over the years, she has even democratized a little, especially with the arrival of online casinos. Indeed, several publishers have been responsible for adapting this exciting variant to the new realities of online casinos, making it more accessible to virtual players around the world. The rules specific to this variant are, of course, applied. Here they are summarized.

The bank in turn

The first specificity of the railway concerns the role of the dealer in the game. Indeed, as you should already know, in classical baccarat as in Punto Banco, the player plays directly against a dealer who serves as a bank for all the parts, whatever the number of players present around the table. Well in the railway, it takes place a little differently. Here, the croupier is only the part of the game and it is the players, who in turn, assume the role of banker. The tour begins with the player who is the leftmost of the table. After a game, this one puts the hand to the one who is immediately on his right, and so on. It should be noted, however, that each player retains the latitude of accepting or refusing this role.

Specific rules

Apart from the specificity mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the railway parties take place pretty much like conventional baccarat. The principle remains the same, the value of cards and valuation rules too.

The game takes place with 6 to 8 games of 52 cards and starts with the allocation of two cards to Pontex, then to the bank. Of course, since this last role is provided by the players, they must all correctly control the basic rules of the game, and more particularly, those that govern the draw of the third card in the case where the game would not take end with initial hands. Globally, these are the ones that are applied in the classic variant of the game, with a single exception: to the railway, the player can choose not to pull a third card when his hand is worth 5 points.

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Online casinos where you play the railway

If you want to play the online railway, here is a list of the most serious online casinos on the market, with a very complete offer including this variant of the baccarat.

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