The rules of Punto Banco

The Punto Banco is the most popular variant of Baccarat. Appreciated for its simplicity and short duration of its parts, this form of the game is the one proposed by default in most casinos. Originally, as the name suggests, from South America, it makes the player alone against the bank. Here is summarized its particular rules, as well as the main elements you need to know before starting a game on an online platform.

Only facing the bank

At Baccarat, players are called "Pontes" (Punto in Spanish). The term Punto Banco was therefore chosen to designate the fact that in this variant of the game, each player is facing the bank (Banco in Spanish). On an online casino, it assumes that you play alone at the table, facing the system or the croupier live as appropriate. This game form is also increasingly widespread in online casinos because it allows short portions, with very accessible betting levels.

The value of cards at Punto Banco

The rules of Punto Banco are almost identical to those of the classic version of the game. The cards are all used, and their value is the same as those detailed in the rules of the baccarat that you can find here. In summary, remember that AS cards at 9 are counted as such, to their facial value. The 10 and the figures count for 0 points. PUR Get the value of one hand, so we add the value of each card and we remove a dozen if it exceeds 10 points.

Principle and unfolding of the game

At Punto Banco, as in the other variants of Baccarat, the goal is not to have the strongest hand, but rather to bet on the one who will have it. This is where the game begins. The croupier announces the levels of bet and you must make yours by choosing one of the three options: the bank's hand wins, your hand wins, or there is equality. Once the bet is made, the croupier distributes the cards: 2 for the bank, 2 for you. The cards are first kept hidden faces, then unveiled one after the other.
When this is done, the dealer is evaluating the initial hands. There are then two main cases:

  • At least two hands is 8 or 9 points. The strongest hand is considered the strongest. If you bet thereon, you pocket your gains. Payment for this type of victory is 1: 1. You will thus recover your bet more that of the bank.
  • There is equality. If both hands have the same value, the croupier announces equality. If you bet on this end, you pocket a payment at 8: 1. If not, you just lose your bet.
  • None of the two hands is worth at least 8 points and there is no equality. In this case, the croupier distributes a third card for the bank and / or the player, following a specific scheme.

The drawing of the third card at Baccarat responds to different rules that it is not necessary to know because they are automatically taken into account by the system.

Online casinos with punto banco tables

The Punto Banco is offered in most online casinos. Among those offering a particularly nice game interface, you can recommend, among others, Lucky31 Casino, DublinBet Casino or Mrxbet Casino...

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