The different variants in baccarat

When we talk today about Baccarat, we always think about James Bond, the British secret agent totally fan of the game, but also, now, many variants of an exciting card game that is part of the great classics, too Well in land casinos than on online casino game platforms. Through its history, the game has indeed known different evolutions that have in turn generated variants variably popular from one place to another. We therefore offer here a little panorama of the main variants of baccarat that you may have to discover in the different casinos of the planet and on the web.

Bench point

The Punto Banco. is probably the most popular baccarat variant in the world today. Developed in South America with the arrival of Europeans, this variant was quickly adopted by North American casinos, and then by other game facilities around the world. Which explains its success, it is its simple form that puts the player only facing the dealer (hence the name Punto Banco: a laying against the bank). The rules applied are quite simple and, the very short parts.

The railroad

If you read our introduction to Baccarat, you must now know a little bit of the origins of Railway, the card game of course. For memo, this form of the game was born in the seventeenth century following the introduction, in Australia, of the initial form of the baccarat which probably came from Italy. Charles VIII, sovereign of the time, would have rehabilitated him, by making a game of aristocrat. The name of this variant would come from iron clogs in which the cards were served. This variant is a little more complex than the Punto Banco since it brings together several players who officiate as a banker in turn.

The mini baccarat

While at the classic baccarat, the gaming establishments demanded, and still require some, rather high bases, several enthusiasts of the game have developed a more "general public" variant, allowing much lower bets, and with some Changes at the rules level. The Mini Bakarat is thus born. It is now proposed in many establishments, virtual and hard.

Le Baccarat Squeeze sur la version live casino

The Baccarat Squeeze is a "new generation" variant of the baccarat. It does not exist on online casinos, and more specifically, in the sections with live croupiers thereof. Proposed for the first time by the Evolution Gaming Editor, this variant is based on the use of a particular technique to unveil the decisive card. The goal is to keep the player in breath throughout the game thanks to the technology and the gaming environment.

The Baccarat Control Squeeze in the casinos with live croupiers

After the success of Baccarat Squeeze, Evolution Gaming has developed the Baccarat Control Squeeze, an even more technological variant of the game. Derived from the previous version, it gives this time the hand to the player to decide when the cards are unveiled. Once again, the "Technology + Game Environment" cocktail does its effect and guarantees an exceptional gaming experience.

In addition to these variants that are now the most popular, other variants such as the Super Pan Nine or Maccara can also be encountered in some game facilities, online or hard.