Baccarat strategies unveiled by

As in all card games, luck is a determining factor in Baccarat. In fact, given the rules applied in this game, it is even more than in many other casino games like poker or blackjack, for example. However, there are some strategies that can be applied to increase its chances of winning taking into account the basic ratings of the game and the advantage of the house. We propose you to discover the most famous here.

The martingale

The Martingale is a game strategy that is widely used in games of chance, as with roulette where it is very popular. Its basic principle is quite simple. This is for the player to double his bet on the same way every time he loses until a winning bet will collect all lost gains. In practice at Baccarat, this is to proceed as follows. You choose an option (victory of the bank or player victory) and make a first bet ($ 10 for example). If your bet is winner, you make a bet the same amount, but on the other option this time. If, however, your initial bet is losing, you must make the following bet on the same option by doubling the amount. You must then repeat the same process at each part. At Baccarat, there is also a variant of the Martingale that can be used: the method of Paroli. It works a bit like the classic martingale, but in reverse mode.
Even if it can be interesting, the Martingale requires the player to have a relatively important cash that can cover his losses, often numerous before a consequent gain. In addition, given the implementation ceilings imposed in online casinos, it may be complicated to implement.

The counter-alembert

Alembert's technique is another fairly common game strategy in games of chance. It consists, for the player, to reduce his bet whenever he wins and increase each time he loses a game. But at Baccarat, the one we recommend is the opposite strategy. In summary, it is therefore for the player, to increase his setting of a unit every time he gains (from $ 5 to $ 6 for example). In case of losing, the player must, on the contrary, reduce his bet. The interest of this strategy is that it allows for pretty stable averages, while evolving its long-term gain chances.

The card counting technique

As is done in blackjack, it is also possible to count the cards at Baccarat. The goal, here too, is to be able to anticipate on the cards that remain in the hoof to guess those that can go out. The history of the parts provided on most live platforms can be very useful in this context. However, this is an exercise that requires a lot of memory and whose effectiveness is quite limited on online casinos.

As you can see, these different strategies are primarily intended to optimize the player's gains on several game parts. It also points out that in these different strategies, putting on a "draw" is not recommended. The possibilities that this option is realized are indeed too low.

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