Revue Live Speed Baccarat Evolution Gaming

Playing Live Baccarat Face to real croupiers on an online casino is probably one of the most immersive and pleasant experiences for enthusiasts of this game.

In this case, we have today the choice between many variants, some of the most successful come from the Evolution Gaming Ludèque. This is the case of the one we offer to discover here: the live Speed Baccarat Evolution.

Last creation on the publisher in this register, this variant promises players, dynamic sessions, with all the conviviality and realism of the Live Tables of Evolution Gaming.

No time to waste

In a classic baccarat part, the player has little action to execute. It is indeed the dealer who is almost all the job, once the bets are cashed. The fact that the game takes place thus implies that the pace of the parties depends essentially on the croupiers who animate the tables.

In EvolutionThis aspect has always been optimized, as we have seen by testing the Live Baccarat Squeeze and Live Control Baccarat Squeeze tables. On these tables where the publisher brings a good suspense dose, the parts last on average 50 seconds. Well, know that on the new Live Speed Baccarat Table of Evolution Gaming, this duration is almost divided by two. Indeed, each part of this new live variant does not last more than 27 seconds!

In this time, the player has 12 seconds to perform and validate his bet. The rest of the time is managed by the croupier (a croupie in general) to perform the different actions depending on the nature of the first hands. So there is no time for useless show.

Always realistic and immersive

Although it is much more focused on the game itself than on the show, the Live Speed Baccarat Table of Evolution Gaming remains in the same spirit as the other tables of the publisher.

The only HD camera used here provides efficient outlet and real-time retransmission of action. There is no GAP to allow players to not miss anything of these very short parties. As for the gaming environment, we recognize that of the studios carefully furnished by Evolution Gaming to recreate the authentic atmosphere of the real hard casinos.

A customized carved interface

For this game, Evolution Gaming has developed an interface as ergonomic and fluid as possible. The player has easy access to the different buttons, especially to perform his bets, and can follow the game, or on the main screen, or on one of the small screens on which the actions of the croupie are taken over.

The other usual comfort features are also integrated with the interface: sound setting, full screen display, help button, etc. As it is now necessary, this interface is suitable for use on mobile devices.

Online casinos offering Live Speed Baccarat

To play Live Speed Baccarat, simply register on one of the online Casinos Evolution Gaming Partners. In number, we can recommend Stakes, Cbet, Lucky31 and Dublinbet among others.

The game is available 24/7, without download.

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