Ezugi software

The third generation of online casino game publishers consists mainly of suppliers specializing in the development of game platforms with live croupiers. In this wave of companies characterized by their great sense of innovation and their high technological potential, there is Ezugi. In the sector since 2012, this Israeli publisher offers online casino operators, various solutions to guarantee their players an ever more captivating gaming experience.

A young publisher, but already well experienced

Although launched less than 5 years ago, Ezugi is already showing out-of-peak know-how. Combining the experience of its youth creators of its developer team, the young Israeli publisher fits perfectly a continual challenge related to the high competition that the sector imposes. Similarly, thanks to its pushed meaning of innovation, it succeeds in positioning itself as an avant-garde actor who does not hesitate to shake up the standards to actually guarantee the best to online players.

With these different assets, Ezugi quickly signed its first partnerships with well-known actors in the online casino market.

Ezugi technology

The leitmotiv of Ezugi is quite clear: develop revolutionary games that go further in terms of realism. For this, the Israeli publisher shares the creativity of its teams and retransmission material at the cutting edge of technology. The quality of the live streaming offered is therefore irreproachable, so as to allow players of online casinos to have really the feeling of being in a hard game facility. This sensation is also reinforced by the layout of the retransmission studios and the very warm side of the croupies. To all this, you have to add the very ergonomic and multifunctional character of the game interface. With this small cocktail, immersion is guaranteed.

Ezugi solutions

Ezugi offers various solutions to casino operators, online as virtual, to meet their various requirements. The Israeli publisher accompanies both land casinos in search of integration solutions, that virtual casinos online. For these, Ezugi leaves the choice between a key-hand-in-hand solution and the integration of its live games to an existing platform. In addition to these basic solutions, the publisher also offers many management and customization tools to allow each operator to offer unique platforms.

The Ezugi Games

The fun offer of Ezugi is one of the most innovative and one of the most diversified from the Igaming industry. All major table games are accessible and are offered in different variants, some of which are quite exclusive. In summary we find several tables of blackjack, roulette and classic baccarat, to which are added variants like the knockout baccarat, the double ball roulette (wheel with two bullets), the hybrid blackjack (variant involving an unlimited number of players) , 21 + 3 (a blend of blackjack and three-cards poker) or the Perfect Peers (variant with schedules on cards pairs).

Ezugi also goes a little further than most of its competitors by offering Tables with live croupiers from Caribbean Stud Poker, as well as the Lottery, Keno and a Wheel Room of Fortune.

Le Baccarat Live d’Ezugi

Like other large classics available on its Live platform, Ezugi offers different variants of Baccarat Live. These include Baccarat Multiplayer and Knockout Baccarat. Each of these variants guarantees a captivating gaming experience with interesting gains opportunities.

Ezugi Partner Casinos

Ezugi started its adventure in the Igaming industry on wheel hats by becoming very early the privileged partner of several online casino operators. Today, the Israelite publisher is present on many of them, among which we can mention ExclusiveBet Casino, Casino Extra or Lucky31 Casino.