Revue de la table No Commission Speed Baccarat Evolution Gaming

Why continue to waste time on baccarat parts and pay the banker's commission if you can do without it? From now on, with the launch of its new table entitled NO Commission Speed Baccarat, Evolution Gaming You offer you the opportunity to make the most of each of your gaming sessions. To find out more about this variant, we offer you here a detailed review.

A quick variant and without commission

No need to look for a long time to understand the main specificities of this variant of baccarat. Everything is in the name. Indeed, the NO Commission Speed Baccarat combines two recent variants with success of Evolution Gaming: the Speed Baccarat and the No Commission Baccarat. From the first, he borrows the speed of the parties. Unlike the classic variants of the game that lasts an average of one minute and which even include, for some, a few tens of seconds to create suspense here, everything is going very quickly. For starters, you only have a few seconds (12 seconds more) to place your bet. Then everything goes very quickly.

The croupiot distributes the first two cards of the Ponte, then those of the banker, all open faces. No time for suspense. In case of victory at this stage, the victorious hand is designated and the party ends, with the payment of your possible gains. Otherwise, the croupie chains on the field with the following actions. In the end, each part thus looks no more than 30 seconds.

The second distinctive rule of this variant concerns the commission of the banker. As you surely know, in a classic baccarat part, when you win by the banker's hand, the casino automatically takes a commission of 5% before you pay for your gains. In this variant, this commission is not taken. In any case, you cash in all cases the entire payment announced.

Levels of payment and secondary betting

With regard to payments on this variant of Baccarat, they line up globally on conventional payments, with a few exceptions. Basically, remember that:

  • A winning bet on the paid player's hand 1: 1
  • A winning bet on the banker's hand pays 1: 1, without commission, except when the croupier has a 9-point hand. In this case, you will be paid only 1: 2.
  • A winning bet on paid equality 8: 1

As for the possible secondary bets, we count 6: the pair player, the pair banker, the perfect perfect, the super 6, the Player Bonus and the Bonus Banker. The one that reports the most is the perfect perfect with the hands of the banker and the identical player. In this case, you cash a payment of 200: 1!

Online casinos offering this variant

Retranspires Streaming Live 24/7, the Speed Baccarat NO Commission is accessible on multiple online casinos, including Lucky31, MrXBet and Dublinbet. You can start betting from 1 € per game and allowed up to € 10,000.

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