No Commission Baccarat: Play at Baccarat without commission!

If you are a regular of the online baccarat tables, you must surely know that the bet that has the highest probability of gain is that performed on the dealer's hand. But you must also know that a Commission is imposed by the casinos on the gains obtained by making this type of bet. Well, now know that there is a new variant in which this commission is not deducted: No Commission Baccarat.

The table, no Baccarat commission, is a new live variant put online by Evolution In order to pay "equitably" players, whatever the nature of their initial bet. tells you everything about this new online baccarat table Evolution Gaming!

Classic rules

The NO Commission Baccarat meets the same basic rules as the other conventional variants of Baccarat. It is always a matter of guessing which hand will be the strongest between that of the player and that of the banker. The possible bets are always three types: the one on the hand of the player, the one on the hand of the dealer and that on equality. The value of the cards is also the same as in the other variants. The cards of 2 to 9 retain their nominal value, the 10 and are valued 0 point and the AS are worth 1 point. The strongest hand is the one that is worth the most points. With respect to additional card printing rules, operation is also the same.

Better payments on a precise betting

What changes in the baccarat NO Commission is that the Casino does not take any commission on the gains made with a bet on the banker's hand. In the other variants of the game, a 5% commission to balance the advantageous probability of this bet option (45.87% against 44.63%) is levied on the player's gains. Online, the levy is automatic. But in this variant, it is non-existent. So, if you bet on the dealer's hand and wins, you will receive the entire gain, up to 1: 1. There is, however, a small exception: if the winning hand of the dealer is an 8. You will only receive a payment of 1: 2.

Other features

Like the other Evolution Gaming Baccarat Live Tables, the Baccarat No. Limit Table of this publisher offers a fluid and ergonomic game interface. The bets can be done in a few clicks and different buttons allow you to play easily. The player has access to the history of the parties and put some bets. Of course, you can optimize your gaming experience by adjusting the audio and video settings as you please.


To play on this baccarat table, just register on one of the Evolution Gaming partner casinos, like Extra Casino, Lucky31 Casino and Dublinbet Casino or Stakes. This online baccarat table is accessible 24/7 whether it is on PC, tablets or mobile!

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