Lightning Baccarat Australia 2021 : la table de baccarat en live Evolution

You are a fan of baccarat and you are looking for a truly innovative variant of this game? Evolution has what it takes for you.

The Riga publisher has recently put on the market, a new table that promises to make you live a really exceptional gaming experience, with a bonus, the possibility of winning exceptional gains.

This is the Baccarat Lightning that we propose to discover in detail through this magazine.

A new Lightning family table

As its name clearly indicates, the Lightning Baccarat belongs to the same series as the Lightning Roulette and the Lightning Dice, two recently developed tables developed by the Riga publisher and who have a great success since their launch.

The latter have several common features, including their very modern gaming environment, great graphics and enormous gains opportunities. The Baccarat Lightning does not derogate from this rule. Retransmitted since one of the superb Studios of the Riga Editor, the parts of this game are close to a TV show with many 3D animations, special features and even higher gains levels than those of the other two Tables of the family.

How are the parts of Lightning Baccarat?

First and foremost, be aware that the rules applied on this table are globally the same as those in effect on the classic baccarat tables. If you are a regular player, you will not have any difficulty. The only thing that really changes, it's the Eclair tower that is introduced in the course of the game.

Clearly, once players have made their bets, lightning appears between 1 and 5 randomly selected cards among those still present in the hoof. Each of these cards carries a multiplier whose value varies from x2 to x8. If your bet is a winner and one of these cards appeared during the game, then your gains will be multiplied by the multiplier that the card is.

What is particularly interesting in this feature is that if many of the "flash cards" appear during the game, your gains will be multiplied by each of said cards. We can thus arrive at very high level multipliers. Any calculation does, it would be possible to multiply its gains by 262 144. It is simply exceptional and never seen.

Lightning Baccarat and Gains

If you want to play on this new Baccarat Live table, the good news is that it is accessible to all. The bets start in fact from 1 € and you can bet up to € 1,000 on one part.

As for potential gains at this table, they are, as we have explained above, really very high thanks to the gain multipliers. However, the basic payments remain the same as on a classic baccarat table.

Thus, a victory with a hand on the hand or that of the dealer pays 1: 1, stating that the casino takes a commission of 5% on the winners on the dealer's hand. Finally, the winners on equality pay 5: 1.

On which online casinos playing the Baccarat Lightning?

Cresus Casino, Dublinbet et Lucky31 Are some of the online casinos that already propose this table in their catalog of Live Tables. See you on one of them to try your luck.

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