Dragon Tiger : table de baccarat en live Evolution Gaming

Very popular in the Asian play circles, the Dragon Tiger is a variant of Baccarat Australia twin cards Particularly simple to play. Already proposed under different declensons by some publishers, this game today makes its entry into the ludothèque ofEvolution Gaming In the form of a live croupiers table offering a captivating gaming experience. We tested this new creation and here is our magazine about it.

Live Rules Dragon Tiger of Evolution Gaming

One of the reasons why the Tiger Dragon is also popular in Asia, it is the fact that its rules are very simple and easy to understand. No need to be an AS like poker, or even learn complex rules as is the case in blackjack for example. Here, simply know the classic value of cards to understand the game. In summary, all encrypted cards retain their respective facial value, while the strongest figures are, in ascending order, the valet (J), The lady (Q) and the king (k), the AS being here the strongest card. To return to the game principle, it consists, for the player, to guess the outcome of opposing parties, each time the dragon and tiger card. These cards are pulled by a croupier or a croup, from a hoof containing 8 sets of 52 cards each.

Payments and payments to the Dragon Tiger

If you bet on a victory of the dragon card or that of the tiger and that it happens, then you will recover the amount of your initial bet more once it. If, however, you bet on equality and it is realized, the payment granted is much more important, with two different cases. Indeed, in the case where this equality is just two cards of the same value (two as different colors for example), you will recover half of your initial bet to which will be added a payment of 11: 1. And if you have the chance that equality concerns two identical cards (two pic Aces for example), then the additional payment that will be offered to you is 50: 1. With regard to the range of authorized bets, it varies from 1 to 10 000 € per game. We let you do the calculations. As you can see, gain possibilities at this table can be very high.

Online Casinos Offering Evolution Gaming Tiger Dragon

If you too want to enjoy the very good game experience that this table offers, simply go on one of the online Casinos Evolution Gaming Partners. The game is in fact accessible in the Lobby Live of the publisher on sites like Dublinbet, Extra casino or Lucky31 Casino which are pretty well known to Francophone online players. You can access it 24/7, as well on PC as on mobile.

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