5 11, 2020

      Clean live goes to live baccarat

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      The clean software is present on the online casino game market, since 1996. At first, it specializes in games using a random numbers generator. It includes many underwrail machines such as Gonzo's Quest and Starburst among others. Then he creates a [...]

      6 03, 2020

          PlayTech strengthens its partnership with Operators GVC Holdings and Betfred

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          Founded during the year 1999, Playtech quickly imposed as a giant of the online gambling industry. Very innovative, it is for example, who had the first idea of creating via the technology of streaming Live tables managed by live croupiers on which players could bet in [...]

          23 08, 2018

              Survey of the English habits related to online games

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              A recent investigation from the Game Observatory (ODJ) on the English players' habits reveals some interesting elements, particularly with regard to their profile, expenses, preferences, as well as their particular practices. Led on a sample of 6,200 players in Australia, this study puts the finger on the problematic character [...]

              7 06, 2018

                  Live games with live croupiers

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                  Since casinos are on the net, casino operators focused on slot machines. It must be said that it understands when we know that this game represents for some casinos more than 99% of turnover. Online casinos therefore have massively invested in machines at [...]