16 04, 2021

      Bally's Corp will redeem the Tropicana Las Vegas

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      Tuesday, April 13, the Bally's Corp group reported that he had just agreed to buy several game facilities including the Tropicana Las Vegas at the Investment Corporation Real Estate Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc. as part of A transaction estimated at more than $ 300 million. Open on April 4, 1957, [...]

      31 03, 2021

          A jackpot have video poker have about Las Vegas

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          The most famous Las Vegas Casinos hotels trand on the mythical strip that includes Caesars Palace, Venetian or Bellagio among others. Nevertheless, the city also offers prestigious establishments in its city center. It was now more than 40 years since no complex had been built of any room in the downtown. [...]

          29 03, 2021

              The Pai Gow Poker offers a progressive jackpot

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              Progressive jackpots, they fall extremely regularly in Las Vegas. Sometimes they are people in the region who come to play in changing ideas and manage to make a fortune. Very often, it is, on the contrary, tourists who come to win beautiful spacings. They can come to this city of [...]

              17 01, 2021

                  Treasure Island Casino Progressive Jackpots December 2020

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                  It seems that some grumpy do not want to go to the evidence. Yet the thing seems indisputable. Progressive jackpots, it is particularly popular in casinos around the world. And today's news could close once for all this debate that does not happen to be. Indeed, the Casino Hotel [...]

                  15 12, 2020

                      Renovation and Enlargement of Harrah's New Orleans

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                      In order to attract and always retain more players, land casinos must necessarily spend one day or another in their history by the Redevelopment box. This is precisely what should happen soon at Harrah's New Orleans, in the American state of Louisiana. Indeed, the Caesars Entertainment Group intends to reinvent its establishment. This [...]

                      9 12, 2020

                          Focus on the situation of Nevada casinos

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                          Like many other industries, Nevada's land casinos have been strongly affected by the International Pandemic of Coronavirus Covid-19. The latter prompted the Governor Democrat Steve Sisolak to impose their temporary closure for more than 11 weeks, between March and last June. Since their reopening, they struggle at [...]

                          18 11, 2020

                              The legal saga opposing Phil Ivey in Borgata

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                              Sometimes some players lose a lot of money on baccarat tables. That's what has happened for a certain Wong Yew Choy who has contracted a debt of $ 43 million at Star City Casino Gold Coast. Of course, others also earn very big. This is how Phil Ivey [...]

                              24 08, 2020

                                  A cheating at Baccarat at $ 4 million

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                                  As everyone knows, it is possible to make a lot of money at the casino. So necessarily, it gives ideas to some harmful people. They do not hesitate to develop a cheating technique to win misfortune gains. We regularly evoke this kind of business. This is how we dealt with last February [...]

                                  22 07, 2020

                                      Eldorado Resorts finally manages to acquire Caesars Entertainment

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                                      That's it ! After more than a year of work, the Eldorado Resorts group finally redeem the Giant Caesars Entertainment. Just after the Authority of the New Jersey Money Games gave the last agreement necessary for this merger, the two operators signed the ultimate documents allowing them to become the most [...]

                                      15 07, 2020

                                          Borgata and Phil Ivey sign an agreement on his baccarat gains

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                                          During the month of February, we announced that the American Awkwafina actress and compensation had just obtained the main role of the movie The Baccarat Queen. Inspired by the true story of Cheung Yin "Kelly" Sun, this feature film will be interested in the superb performance of the one we consider today as the best player of [...]