5 05, 2021

      Details on the opening of the Grand Lisboa Palace

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      This has many years now that the SJM Holdings Group is working on a new casino hotel. Budgeted at 4.14 billion euros, the Grand Lisboa Palace was originally available during the year 2017. Nevertheless, many delays have been chained over the years. Thus, its opening in 2020 has been [...]

      2 04, 2020

          The Casino du Ponte 16 in Macao realizes an excellent year 2019

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          Today, Macau is imposed as the region of the world where terrestrial casinos grow the most money every year. In all, this former Portuguese colony has about 40 huge leisure complex enclosed a hotel, bars, restaurants, various entertainment offers and a game room in particular, like the biggest establishments that [... ]

          4 03, 2020

              Vertiginous drop in Macao casinos revenue because of COVID-19

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              The global coronavirus pandemic known as Covid-19 did a lot of victims in China. Indeed, the environmental empire can currently count 80,200 people who have been infected and 2,981 deaths. It is precisely to fight against the spread of this disease that the macao authorities have decided to [...]

              28 02, 2020

                  The rise of Baccarat in Macao thanks to Stanley Ho

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                  When one thinks of Las Vegas's land casinos in the US state of Nevada, we think of course immediately at roulette, blackjack and poker for example but also and especially to slot machines. Indeed, they are they who grow the most important turnover. It is also widely [...]

                  12 03, 2018

                      More croupiers in Macao casinos

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                      After about 3 years of crossing of the desert, the Casino Games industry of Macao seems definitely to have found the path of growth and positive results. A return to growth positively impacts all components and actors involved in the sector. This is particularly the croupiers who [...]

                      4 04, 2017

                          Macao Casinos: Baccarat and superstitions

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                          In the casinos of Macau more than anywhere else, the baccarat is king. Adulted by Chinese players, the cards game made very popular in Europe by the character of James Bond, is indeed the subject of a real cult and often gives rise to scenes that can be surprising for who does not [. ..]