15 09, 2020

      The future Japanese Prime Minister is in favor of casinos

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      Monday 14 September 2020, Yoshihide Suga was chosen by the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) to become the next Prime Minister of Japan. This appointment is a great news for the opening plan of three Casinos hotels in the Japanese archipelago since the politician has recently recalled his support for the project. The resignation of Shinzō Abe for [...]

      31 07, 2020

          Three clandestine casinos dismantled in Japan

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          During our last news, we mentioned a new arrest for illegal games in India. Well, it's absolutely not the only country where police tracks off the law casinos. For example, in Japan, the authorities also regularly perform searches in illicit gaming rooms. We had [...]

          29 04, 2020

              The acceptance of the Casinos Projects in Japan should not be delayed despite some difficulties

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              If silver play institutions are still prohibited in Japan, this should change soon. Indeed, the country is preparing to open several terrestrial casinos on its territory. In fact, the process is currently underway and several prefectures are actively working on a call for tenders. Despite the global difficulties caused by the Pandemic of Covid-19 and [...]

              18 03, 2020

                  A corruption case taints the opening of land casinos in Japan

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                  Japan should host terrestrial casinos on its territory. Nevertheless, this decision has not created a consensus in public opinion. Far from it even. Some regions like Okinawa or Hokkaido have Dores and already waived their project of gambling institutions because of the supposed social repercussions. And a scandal comes [...]