Blackjack Party: The Black Jack table that puts it full view!

Since Blackjack Party has landed on online casinos, Live Blackjack lovers enjoy unique entertainment moments. This is a live blackjack variant developed by Evolution, a publisher that no longer presents in this sector.

The game offers an entirely original experience since you do not have to deal with one, but rather two croupiers who promise to make your parts unforgettable.

Interact with two croupiers at a time

As a general rule, a Live Blackjack table is animated by a dealer whose main role is known: distribute the cards. The innovative Evolution Gaming supplier decided to do things differently on its Blackjack Party variant by proposing two croupiers. This is actually a (e) dealer (e) and an animator (trice). This duo acts so as to motivate players by bringing the atmosphere around the table with ... music.

So you understand that the party is at the rendezvous here, unlike the Blackjack tables offered in land establishments where the environment is much more sober. You can discuss live with the croupiers. The latter also discuss each other and comment on the different parts. This unique experience will give you another vision of traditional blackjack tables.

On the visual level, the Blackjack Party is also very successful, with an intuitive and easy to take charge. Only one camera is pointed on the game table so that the player can have a complete view. In addition, it is possible to change the configuration of the table by accessing a virtual table that retransmits the actions on the actual table.

Rules and limits of bets

Like classic blackjack, Blackjack Party uses 8 standard card sets. The app 17 is not allowed, which means that it is not allowed to the dealer to pull an extra card when his hand already combines 17 points. Also, the game can not be interrupted more than twice and it is possible to make a double down on the first two cards.

In addition to Classic Blackjack RulesThis variant has an innovative and unique function at Gaming Evolution Games. This is the pre-decision function that allows the player to perform a hit, split, double down or booth when he receives his first two cards. What's more, he can do it even if he is the seventh player at the table according to his position. The Black Jack website,, made his predilection table.

As for the bets, they are adapted to all players, whatever their means. The range of authorized bets is between € 5 and € 1,000. For Blackjack Bet Behind, you have the possibility to bet between 0.5 € and 100 €.

The disadvantage with this type of bet is that your gains will depend on the decisions of the player on which you bet. By designing this variant of Blackjack, the developer thus thought of both players looking for entertainment and those who want to earn big price in Blackjack with important bets.

Online casinos offering Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party offers a unquestionably entertaining experience and affordable prizes. You can access it at any time on your PC or from your mobile device by registering on one of the following Evolution Gaming Casinos: Magical Spin Casino, DublinBet, MrXBet, Extra Casino or Lucky31.

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