Baccarat Control Squeeze: Version amelioree de Baccarat Squeeze

While most other publishers have not yet completely returned from the Baccarat Squeeze, Evolution Gaming confirms its supremacy on the segment of the casino games with live croupiers by launching a new variant of Baccarat even more detonizing: the baccarat. Control squeeze.

Derived, as the name suggests, the suspense variant of the card game, this last variant offers even more interactivity, with rules still simple. tested and played on this beautiful gaming table that will literally bluff!

Now it's you who decide!

The Baccarat Control Squeeze is a variant of the baccarat in which the player has a high level of control and interactive. For this, the publisher sets back all his state-of-the-art technology equipment to ensure a real immersion in the gaming environment. The live streaming is always on top and the croupies still pretty and warm.

But this time, contrary to what is happening in a part of Baccarat SqueezeThese are no longer really they have control of the parts and the suspense.
Indeed, it is now the player who decides when the cards are unveiled.

Parts of this baccarat game online

Parts of Baccarat Control Squeeze begin, as in all variants of the game, by the bets. By serving you control buttons, so you must make your branch victory, your game or equality. Once it's done and validated, the croupie is distributing the first cards: 2 for the bank and 2 for you. The particularity here is that the game table is specially designed, with glazed parts. It is on these spaces that the croupie deposits the cards, faces towards the ground. However, in order to keep all the suspense, optical filters vent the cards for the moment.

Once the 4 cards are placed, a countdown of 15 seconds snaps into place. You then have the latitude, during this time, to return the cards at your own pace. For this, you can simply drag one of the corners of the card down with your cursor to make the suspense last a little. But you can also go faster by simply clicking on the map. Finally, if you wish, you can also leave the count end. The croupie will then unveil the cards, one after the other.

The same process resumes if the dealer must assign you a third card or draw one for the bank. You can still go to your own pace.

An important technical device

In order to offer players such a game experience, Evolution Gaming installed 4 HD cameras under the game table, each offering a close-up on a map. A fifth camera closely films the hands of the croupie.

The other elements of the game environment are also well thought out to have a pleasant game space. Same for the game interface that integrates many features for a simple and ergonomic grip.

Live casinos offering the Baccarat Control Squeeze

To play at Baccarat Control Squeeze, you have the choice between the many online casinos publisher Evolution Gaming.

Among these, there are some Lucky31, Magical Spin, Stakes ou encore Cresus Casino.

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